Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rational Theists should become acquainted.

There is not to my knowledge an organized group of theists, or Rational Theists, in the Greater Atlanta area. I would be glad to have interested persons contact me at or 770-432-8654 to express an interest, add to our blog, or arrange a time when I can host one or a few individuals in my home for discussion or for a joint worship experience. I am conveniently located near Windy Hill and Austell Roads, Cobb County (near Smyrna but Marietta mailing address), just a few miles from the intersection of I-285 and I-75 north. Let's incorporate Rational Theism into our lives.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Initiating Blog

I have been persuaded by personal experiences of a concurrent realm in which spirits exist as identifiable individuals. This is outlined on the first page of my web entry Rational Theism and available at That discussion continues to review a number of apparent characteristics of deity as well as teachings of the Christian church (Southern Baptist in the 40s and 50s) as I understood them.

What persuaded me is described in my odyssey ( . As a college student of physics I could no accept teachings that disagreed with what I could physically see, touch and count. After many years of trying to square Biblical scripture with scientific observations, I realized that many Biblical stories are allegorical in nature rather than descriptrions of physical events. While I love the organized church this led me toward independent thought, culminating in recognition of what I call Rational Theism.

I have established this blog hoping searchers and readers will use it as a means to establish contact with others of like mind. Due to the nature of blogs I must control what appears, so I will post e-mails sent to me, thus avoiding spam and other abuses of this site. You may e-mail me at

The best means of satisfying your personal need for a rational view of deity's involvement with man (religion) is to host 3-4 like-minded people to discuss your personal views of your lives and the world around you. You will find my notions of Rational Theism as an organized group at Should you wish to use them you will find a song list and worship aids at

Please do send me information on your progress.